Entrants must submit their photographs into the categories that best fits the scope of each individual image. Each photograph may only be assigned one category. Judges have the right to move an image from one category to another. Regardless of category, please let us know where in the Park the photo was taken.

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  • Boston Harbor – NEW Category!!

As of August 7th, 2018, there is a NEW and 6th category in the Boston Harbor Islands Photo Contest and it’s called Boston Harbor! Show us your shots from all over the harbor, whether it be on a boat or from the Harborwalk.

2013 Submission by Joy Elliot

  • People in the Park

We want to see your best shots of people enjoying the Park – swimming, hiking, camping, playing, picnicing and just being. Note: A signed release from any recognizable people in your images is required, and you must be able to provide copies of those releases to Boston Harbor Now upon request.

2016 Submission by Bruce S. Allen

  • Wildlife

Got photos of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, arachnids, insects, and beyond? This is the category for you. Boston Harbor Islands is home to millions of live things, we want to see them in their home.

2016 Submission by Winnie

  • Landscapes

Show us how varied the Boston Harbor landscape can be, from rolling hills to sandy beaches to dense forests (and everything in between). We’re also looking for shots of non-invasive flowers, plants, and fungi found in the Park.

2016 Submission by Saul Blumenthal

  • Sunrise/Sunset

Everyone loves a sunrise and sunset on the Harbor. Dawn and dusk can be one of the most beautiful times of the day on the Harbor. Show us how you can uniquely capture this time of day.

2016 Submission by Dave Sheehy

  • Lighthouse

Please help us celebrate the recent Boston Light’s 300th Anniversary with your best shots of Boston Light. (Please note: Due to damage sustained on the island from record winter storms in 2018, there will be no public access to Little Brewster or Boston Light this season.)

2016 Submission by Sherry Carney