Host a Fireworks Viewing Party for Boston Harbor Now

Ready to fire up your friends about Boston Harbor while taking in a fireworks show over the water? Here are a few steps to host your own spectacular gathering for the Illuminate the Harbor fireworks show August 30.


Hosting a fundraising event can be fun like any other party. This works really well if you have a clear view of the sky over Long Wharf or the Seaport from your home. Or, you can adapt this plan to meet friends to watch the fireworks on the Harbor and give together on your phones.


Invite Your Friends

    • Create a personal Facebook event for you and your guests for August 30.
      The fireworks start at 8:30pm, so give people some time to settle in beforehand and set your event for Thursday, August 30 from 7:30-9:00pm.
    • Invite a comfortable crowd for your space, so that you have the right number of people to entertain.
    • Don’t forget to include this language in your event: “Join me in a fun evening of fireworks and festivity to raise funds for the work of Boston Harbor Now and to help make Boston Harbor a more welcoming and accessible place for all.”
    • Let Boston Harbor Now know you’re hosting a gathering. Email



Schedule for the Evening

7:30pm (60 minutes before the Fireworks)

Set out the food and drinks. Turn on the tunes. Make introductions among your guests. Help everyone feel comfortable. Encourage your guests to share personal experiences about a time they visited the Harbor Islands or waterfront.


8:20pm (10 minutes until Fireworks)

Keep this short. Really–it should take just a couple of minutes, and then you’re back to socializing!

Now that your guests are comfortable, call everyone’s attention. Thank them for coming. Share why supporting Boston Harbor Now is important to you. You can include a story about a time you participated in one of our 475+ free programs each year (like your first Fireworks on the Harbor or yoga on the USS Constitution), or mention how Boston Harbor Now brings 25,000 under-served youth and families from around Boston to the Harbor Islands for free each year and share a story about one of your trips. Remind guests there is no small donation, and all gifts are important to the work of making Boston Harbor more welcoming and accessible to everyone.

Looking around at your guests, announce that you’re making a gift and ask if others will join you tonight in making a donation to Boston Harbor Now. Pass around a basket of empty envelopes to collect donations. Let people know they can donate on their phones at Thank everyone for their attention, and encourage them to continue socializing until the fireworks begin soon.





8:55pm (After the show)

Count up your donations (including anyone who gave online) and announce the total. Celebrate and thank everyone for their contributions.


After the event

Hooray! You did it.

Send each guest a thank you note by however you usually keep in touch.


Collect all donations and mail to:

Boston Harbor Now
PO Box 961712
Boston, MA 02196

If a guest prefers to give online, you can encourage them to visit


If you are interested in hosting a viewing party and have questions, email

Thank you for your support and we hope to hear from you!