Waterfront Planning and Development

Boston Harbor Now is the non-profit organization most involved in promoting public access to Boston’s waterfront. We engage with developers, communities and public agencies through the environmental permitting process to advocate for public access and amenities along Boston’s 47-mile waterfront. Following Superstorm Sandy, we have increasingly advocated for changes in building and site design to address coastal flood preparedness.

With the release of the City of Boston’s Imagine Boston 2030 and Climate Ready Boston plans, we hope to support the proactive implementation of a strong waterfront vision that balances development, open space and maritime industry while preparing the city for the challenges of sea level rise and coastal flooding.


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Bostons Working Port A Foundation for Innovation

Boston’s Working Port: Recommendations For the Future


In this episode of Waterfront Wednesday, Jill and Alice discuss the impacts the “invisible working port” has on our daily lives. This week is all about appreciating the important role the port plays as an economic and social driver of a healthy urban waterfront city.