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Boston Harbor Islands Winter Resource Stewardship Program Assistant

Boston Harbor Now is seeking a full time Winter Resource Stewardship Program Assistant at Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. The program assistant will work closely with the National Park Service (NPS) Natural Resources Partnerships team, in collaboration with partners from the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation and other agencies, and community volunteers, to administer and implement natural resource and cultural landscape projects. The chosen candidate will work on a variety of management, science, and volunteer projects.



  • Work with NPS staff to manage ongoing habitat restoration sites;
  • Use hand tools and power tools safely;
  • Collect data related to natural resource project work and planning on a handheld GPS unit and/or smartphone;
  • Communicate objectives and techniques with students and volunteers in the field as part of the team leading volunteer projects in the park;
  • Administrative tasks related to the registration of and communication with park volunteers;
  • Ensure the safety of colleagues, students and volunteers in variable outdoor conditions and while using hand tools and performing natural resources field work;
  • Assist NPS and university partner scientists with field data collection;
  • Deliver citizen science programs and interpretive programs related to park natural history and science; and
  • Report management accomplishments and volunteer participation.


Relevant Skills, Abilities, and Experience:

  • Biological monitoring;
  • Plant Identification of species typical of the Northeastern United States;
  • Volunteer and group project management;
  • Public speaking;
  • First aid/CPR;
  • Data entry, spreadsheet design, presentation software, and internet-based calendars;
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • BS in Environmental Science, Biology, or related field;
  • 12 months of field experience in natural resource management in the Northeast United States (Experience need not be in contiguous);
  • Competency in GIS and GPS systems, software, and hardware.



This position is a contract position with an anticipated duration of about 6 months. The position is expected to support 1040 hours of work at a rate of $21.12/hr.


Anticipated start date on or about November 13, 2018

Please submit a resume and a cover letter to: