Boston Harbor Now is the lead nonprofit focused on Boston Harbor, its waterfront and islands. Our work is focused on increasing the quality, destination value and overall awareness of Boston Harbor and its importance to the environmental, social, and economic health of our city and region.

We support comprehensive, proactive planning that reflects the opportunities and challenges of a 21st century city situated on one of the finest harbors in the world. We value partnerships that combine the resources and expertise of public agencies, business, academia, community leaders, and nonprofit organizations to achieve common aims.

We aspire to see the core principles listed below incorporated into a comprehensive Boston Harbor plan.  In the absence of such a harbor-wide plan, these principles will guide our advocacy and communications.


Climate preparedness that considers the best available science, protects against coastal flood damage and supports district-wide resilience.

A robust working port that continues its role as a major contributor to the region’s economy.

Waterfront development that creates and activates a vibrant and accessible public realm along Boston Harbor.

Dynamic, connected open space that attracts visitors, tourists, and residents from all parts of the city to the waterfront and the harbor islands.

A thriving Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park that is affordable and accessible to all with a range of engaging visitor experiences and well-maintained infrastructure.

Recreational development that activates the watersheet through a wide variety of safe and accessible opportunities, including recreational boating and fishing.

Water transportation that is seamlessly integrated with landside transit and is part of a comprehensive network supporting increasing ridership within Boston’s inner harbor, to and from the Harbor Islands, and to and from other Mass Bay communities.