Innovation in Boston’s Working Port: Planning a 21st-Century Harbor

For over four decades, Boston Harbor Now has done what it can to see that the water-dependent maritime activities are represented in state and city policy and planning efforts because a robust working port is as important to our future as it is to our past. Boston Harbor is a unique resource with distinct physical, geographical, and active uses. With a rich and ever-changing maritime heritage, it supports diverse waterfront activities. While the Harbor can accommodate an increase in density of new and traditional maritime uses, along with booming nonwater-dependent mixed uses, as the demand for waterfront land increases, it will be more challenging to balance these uses. We hope this report sets the stage for an informed discussion of how Boston Harbor’s working port can continue to make significant contributions to our way of life and our economy. On January 23 and 24, 2018, we convened national and local experts to discuss the issues raised by this report. Ultimately, we hope this report, and the discussions that will follow will lead to a consensus on the future of Boston Harbor’s working port.